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The journey to better marketing measurement

22nd November 2021
Brands have been constantly fighting the changes in the marketing measurement landscape for the last…
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Evolving Data Audits

20th September 2021
Working on data audits back end of 2020, I find it fascinating to see where…
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Key takeaways on the Mini MBA in Marketing

28th July 2021
I was made redundant May 2020 so decided to take rest of the year off…
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How data and tech can connect brands together

21st June 2021
With recent acquisitions ASOS buying Topshop and Boohoo buying Debenhams, this made me think how…
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The Measurement Canvas

25th May 2021
Working on a consultancy project and one of the principal areas of focus was around…

Being Data Centric

21st May 2021
The challenge for brands is being data rich and information poor. Also not being able…

How to combat the changing data world

16th April 2021
Ethics play a big role planning for 2022 and beyond and there are 3 key…
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How to combat the changing data world

29th March 2021
2022 will be the year when data privacy finally kicks the marketing and data industry…

Insights on Data Audits

26th March 2021
I have been working on mini data audits based around Google Analytics and Google Tag…
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Insights on Data Audits

17th March 2021
During my period of redundancy, I have been working on free mini data audits based…

Understanding the Datalayer

26th February 2021
I am a big fan of a Datalayer most are not deployed correctly to provide…
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The Data and Tech Canvas

8th February 2021
Working on a consultancy project developing a marketing data & tech ecosystem which turned into…

5 Key Steps for Measurement Strategy

22nd January 2021
Getting the right measurement framework is a constant challenge. I have broken down measurement into…
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Building the business and marketing base

18th January 2021
We are entering a world where business and marketing teams are looking to build data…

Building a marketing data & tech ecosystem

12th January 2021
Building a bespoke marketing data & tech ecosystem for brands should be a key conversation…
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The New Marketing World: A Tag-less World

4th January 2021
I had a random thought at the end of 2019 that we will enter a…

KPI’s for better Measurement

23rd December 2020
Getting the right measurement is a constant challenge. Defining the right KPI's to measure performance…
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Building a Marketing Data and Tech Ecosystem

9th December 2020
The world of marketing has changed in how we talk to consumers, segment, measure and…
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Data Quality needs to be top of the shopping list

10th November 2020
With the constant evolution and growth of technology it has meant the volume of data…

Site Speed Testing for a SME in Ecommerce

17th September 2020
Worked with a SME Ecommerce brand in their early stages allowing me to do some…
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Key requirements to develop a kick-ass Data Strategy

3rd August 2020
Data has become a key component for every business in the third industrial revolution. Therefore,…
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Is data a brand’s competitive advantage?

9th June 2020
Brands are currently in an era of disruption with changing consumer behaviours, the constant evolution…

Measurement Model and Techniques

29th May 2020
Understanding the business questions and requirements you can select the right measurement model that is…
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Taking stock of your digital marketing at this time

14th April 2020
In the current climate, when business costs are being slashed as a result of the…
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The Value of the Data Layer

16th March 2020
Brands are living in a world where data is everything, but it’s not valued enough.…
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Tag Management, underrated and underused

10th February 2020
Tag Management has become one of the most important piece of tech in the marketing…
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Tracking & measurement best practices — including my free GTM container templates

19th August 2019
I’ve worked on various Google Tag Manager (GTM) projects and I wanted to share tracking…
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The Media Measurement Challenge

13th February 2019
The Drum reported last year that 66% of marketers found the issue around media measurement…
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The Attribution Challenge

13th January 2018
The biggest challenge for any marketer is being able to understand the role that marketing…