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Working on a measurement framework project to align with the business and marketing objectives, the framework was constructed around the measurement canvas. How the canvas gets used for campaigns became the focus, it became transparent there was no consistency or structure in how campaign frameworks were created which had a domino impact in how campaigns were analysed.

So, I created a campaign framework and performance overview which provides consistency and structure which compliments the measurement canvas.

The goal is to have in one document that covers the full spectrum of campaign measurement requirements from pre campaign with the framework to post campaign with a top line delivery performance. It should provide a succinct synopsis.

The campaign framework and overview are split into 3 sections:

(Download Campaign Framework and Overview)

Campaign Summary

The campaign summary is the front sheet which houses all key campaign information.

Campaign Name: Having a clear distinct campaign name that is well defined for today and the future when referring to campaigns

Campaign Dates: The campaign dates should encompass not only when the media is running but also any PR etc that runs either side of the media campaign. As this will impact how the data is collected and analysed

Campaign Objective: What is the outcome the brand wants to achieve from the campaign. The objective needs to measurable (which feeds into KPI’s) which maps to the wider strategy

Campaign Audience: Who is the target audience the campaign is targeting

Primary Campaign KPI: This should be coming from the group of secondary KPI’s from the measurement canvas. There should only be one primary KPI.

Primary Campaign KPI Target: What is the primary KPI target for the campaign

For example, the primary KPI could be sign ups and the target for the year is 10k, so what is the target set for this campaign from the 10k?

% of overall yearly campaign target: From the target that was set for the year, what is the % target for the campaign

Campaign Budget: What is the total campaign budget for the period

% of overall yearly campaign budget: From the budget that was set for the year what is the % for this campaign

Campaign Effectiveness: How is the campaign budget split between brand and performance

How is the campaign being measured (Analytics Techniques): What analytics techniques will be deployed to measurement the impact of the campaign i.e., Econometrics, TV Attribution,

Campaign Notes: This allows any notes to be shared to provide additional context

For example, Previous campaign under-delivered budget by 10% which has been rolled over to this campaign

Campaign Framework

The campaign framework should contain the key details of the campaign.

Campaign Objective: What is the outcome that the campaign is looking to deliver against.

Campaign Audience: Who is the target audience that will be targeted.

Primary Campaign KPI: What is primary KPI that will determine the success of the campaign.

Primary Campaign KPI Target: What is the primary KPI target set for the campaign

Secondary Campaign KPI: What are the secondary KPI’s that will support the campaign objective in driving the primary KPI

Campaign Budget: What is the total budget for the campaign

Channels and Tactics: What are the channels and tactics selected for the campaign

Channels & Tactics Budgets: What is the budget split for the channels and tactics

Campaign Performance Overview

The campaign performance overview summarises the results of the campaign.

The best way to use the performance overview:

  • As soon as the campaign results are ready (on an agreed date) populate the data which can be shared with the wider teams internally and externally
  • This ensures when it comes to working on post campaign analysis, the top line numbers should not be changing
  • Becomes a good reference to look at a high level how the campaign performed i.e., 6 months, 12 months later (not a substitute for a detailed deep dive analysis on the campaign)

Primary Campaign KPI Planned v Delivered: How did the primary KPI delivery against planned

Secondary Campaign KPI Planned v Delivered: How did the secondary KPI delivery against planned

Campaign Budget Planned v Delivered: How did the campaign budget deliver against planned

Channel & Tactics Budget Planned v Delivered: How did the channel & tactics deliver against planned

Channel & Tactics Primary KPI Delivered: How did the channel and tactics deliver against primary KPI

The more frameworks and overviews that are built that is where the value will come from. There is a succinct synopsis available at any time or it can be used as a guide when it comes to re-planning the next campaign.