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My DVD Collection on Big Query

By 24th July 2022No Comments

I have been collecting DVD’s since 1999 with my first purchase of a DVD was Bad Boys for £20 I know have 750+ DVD’s in my collection. I have been using an app on my iPhone called My Movies which is a great app and gives every user what they would want when collecting movies, tv series etc.

I wanted more control over the data, so using the app it has a CSV export feature, which provides 65 columns providing a massive dataset for every film or tv series added to the collection. I decided to create my own dataset from the data provided I upload my DVD collection into Google Big Query allowing anyone to query the dataset.

From the 65 columns of data available I had streamlined it to 9 columns which provides the ability to cut and slice the data in many ways.

To query the DVD collection within Big Query the table is: mrdipeshashah.mydvdcollection.dvdcollection