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Finally reached the landmark of 100 visits to Dishoom in a period of 10 years at a total cost of around £3.5k. With visit No1 in 2013 it still lives upto the hype in 2023 or in other words as I like to say it still tickles my belly. My Dishoom visits have varied from going with friends, work colleagues, clients, dates, and family. It’s an all occasion restaurant you will leave very satisfied.

With any of the Dishoom you visit, and I have visited 9 of the Dishoom restaurants the interior design is nothing short of being spectacular. Which is supported by impeccable service, the experience is imperial, and the menu is out of this world. Whatever time you go to Dishoom for breakfast, lunch, or dinner there is a great vibe and that is down to the brilliant staff.

Love the concept of the Matka (keyring) a great way to get a free meal. I have only tried it once and failed.

You are honestly spoilt for food.

My main to go dishes are (I am veggie):

For breakfast:

Kejriwal (without the egg), Masala Beans, Fire Toast, House Granola

Lunch / Dinner:

My must haves – Chilli Cheese Toast, Okra Fries, Pau Bhajji, Panner Tikka

Also high on the list: Panner Roll, Bhel, Chole Puri, House Black Daal, Gunpower Potatoes, Vada Pau, Jackfruit Biryani

In terms of drinks can’t go wrong with the fresh orange juice or house chai

Some stats for my 100 visits:

I have been to all 9 Dishoom restaurants in the UK. My hope is they open one in New York and even possibly Dubai

My first visit was on 3rd October 2013 and my 100th visit was on 11th June 2023.

Of the 100 visits I have never had to wait in line.

From 2016 to 2019 anyone I met up with wanted to go to Dishoom. I could not say no.

My longest periods of not visiting Dishoom came in 2020 from March to August and Dec 2020 to May 2021.

31% of my visits have been for breakfast and 69% of visits either for lunch or dinner.

December being my most popular month to visit.

Bring on the next 100 visits to make it to 200. At a guess this will be in 2030.