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Looking for a job in a global pandemic was not fun at all and I don’t recommend it at all to anyone to experience. Having been made redundant in May 2020 I made the immediate decision not to look for a job in 2020 knowing that it would be a car crash. My decision was vindicated from hearing all the stories about working in lockdown. Bullet dodged…

Redundancy was not all bad, all things considered:

Now to dissect the numbers behind the applications.

From starting the process on 4th Jan 2021 it took me 100 days when I accepted my next opportunity.

Insights from the 108 applications:

No of applications made split by month:

  • 34 applications in January
  • 32 applications in February
  • 27 applications in March
  • 15 applications in April

Deep dive into the applications:

  • 47% of applications were done directly on LinkedIn
  • 25% applied directly on the website
  • 28% sent direct emails

  • 61% of the applications were direct which is either a form of LinkedIn, Email and Direct on website to Brand or Agency
  • 27% came via recruiters which is a form of LinkedIn and Email
  • 12% came through someone I know which is a form of Email

From the 108 applications, there was a 77% drop off or 23% success in the terms of replies back from the applications made.

  • 48% of email replies led into intro calls
  • 43% of calls led to interviews
  • 40% of interviews leading into final round interviews

  • 76% of applications I did not receive any form of feedback
  • 42% there was no feedback at interview stage
  • 75% did not feedback at final round stage

My role that I accepted came via a LinkedIn application, not for the role I applied for.

The biggest bug bear from this whole process is the lack of communication at any stage.

Looking for a job is now a full time job in it self.