Developing a data & technology ecosystem

I was working on developing a data & technology stack for an E-commerce retailer. With all the changes in the world business needs to develop their own ecosystem that matches their business needs and requirements. As great as GAFA is and they will still play a big role but there is a bigger drive now to own data, better understand the customer and this requires breaking away from the ecosystem that you currently have.

Liverpool FC Digital Strategy 

Being a Liverpool fan i am probably a bit biased but how the club has been transformed on and off the pitch has been remarkable supported by a digital & content strategy which has been phenomenal

Questions brands need to consider when looking at Econometric Modelling

3 key questions that brands need to think about before committing to Econometric modelling

Driving growth by being smart 

Driving growth without paid media is possible in the yearly years of a start-up just need to be smart

The key differences between MMM v MTA

MMM is the future of measurement but MTA still comes up in conversation so I have shared the key differences between the two

Building the right architecture for your martech stack

Working with a retail focused brand where digital and e-commerce became bigger pie of the business model in 2020 had to re-build their martech stack. The context is the brand did not own the .com domain so the architecture had to be built around country domains


MMM WhatsApp Chit Chat

Bit of a chit chat with a client about MMM

Match Rate report 

Match rate report looking at revenue reported in Google Analytics v sales tool. With the match-rate limit at 90% Google Analytics data has to be no less then 10% discrepancy

Google Analytics 4 for E-commerce Business

With the launch of Google Analytics 4 I have shared 5 key areas how E-commerce business can benefit from the new changes


DVD Collection 

Learning more around Google Cloud and Big Query decided to organise my DVD Collection and uploaded the dataset which is now publicly live to query

Better understand Attribution

Got bit bored of using the football analogy when talking about attribution so looked so looked at a model in how it works in the dating world / looking for a life partner


Mini Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager case study

A mini thread on evolving an e-commerce business analytics

My marketing data and tech ecosystem article is top of the Google searches

My article is ahead of McKinsey and Marketing Tech News

Thank You Email for Datalayer Framework   

Sunday 2nd January 2022 I received a lovely email how my datalayer framework helped

Being the geek I am also looked at some numbers to see the impact of my organic social post. The impact was huge

Facebook Landing Views v Google Analytics Sessions 

I have been intrigued how Facebook and Google data model work so I thought let me compare FB landings v GA sessions which should be a fair comparison

I have reported the insights in the twitter thread below and on a linkedin post as well

CDP RFI / RFP Framework  

When looking for a CDP vendor there are 3 main areas that needs to be the focal point: Data Management, Audience Management and Analytics & Reporting

Thank You Email for GTM Containers   

End of 2020 I received a lovely email how my GTM Containers have helped

The numbers looking for a job in a pandemic

Thought it would be interesting to look at the funnel for my job applications in 2021 while the world was upside down

Understanding the new cricket format Hundred through a marketing lens

Trying to make sense of the hundred through a marketing lens

Google Analytics hard-coded v implementation via GTM

Working with a client who had hard-coded implementation of marketing tags and Google Analytics was their primary source of truth. When implemented GA via GTM there were differences v hard-coded GA of 30% in revenue numbers reported.

Google Tag Manager Page load testing

I have been lucky enough to work with a small to medium sized e-commerce business in it’s early days. where we did some testing around page load times. 6 tests over 6 different weeks.

How Starbucks could plug the gap and create a we-work model

Starbucks could capitalise on a gap in market with the new ways of working

Ramblings from my redundancy

392 days of redundancy I shared my journey

My A in the Mini MBA in Marketing 

I got my first ever A in any form of education

Server Side Google Tag Manager testing

I had a test of getting server side GTM live for and I have shared the process below in a thread

Google Tag Manager Containers

Having worked on a good number of audits and migrations around Google Tag Manager i was shocked to see the state of them so i decided to build out GTM containers around multi platforms that can be used by anyone.